Game Instruction

Introducing The Game

For complete manual of classical mafia game read this instruction. If you have willing to know more about game read wikipedia entry. In this bot we have four playing rule: citizen, mafia, detective and doctor.

Role - Citizen

Their goal is to figure out who is a member of secret Mafia, and try to eliminate them during the day.

Role - Detective

Detective try to figure out who is guilty of being a Mafia and who is innocent. Every night detective asks from moderator(Bot) about one person and moderator(Bot) answers if that person is Mafia or not. thus their goal is to help the citizens vote correctly in who to eliminate during the day. They generally want to keep their identity secret so that the Mafia cannot eliminate them early.

Role - Doctor

Doctor is a protecting character, who wakes up once during each night and indicates someone who is to be protected. If Mafia try to kill the protected person he/she will survives.

Role - Mafia

Mafia unlike citizens is a small group of people which know each other. they try to keep their identity secret and eliminate citizens.

Bot Instruction

How to play game with bot

To use the bot must first add it to your group chat. To do this use this link
You can start the game with the start command in a group chat. after entering /start bot will ask you about game configuration
When the bot says the game has started all players need to sign up using the keyboard button register provided by bot to the users.
When all players have signed up, the game starts automatically in day mode. At the beginning of the game the bot sends everyone private messages telling them their roles. It's also tells members of mafia the names of other mafia members. So all mafia members know each other. At this point if the mafia are more than 2 people, they should create a new group and add the bot to it. During the day every user, can start a election using the election command however this type of election has no influence on the game and it is merely for information and continued discussion. After the election has started bot create new keyboard with the name of the players for everyone, so players can vote each other and in the end they should click on done button. Voting finishes when everyone has voted, then the results are announced. Those with more votes should defend their case. You can do as many elections as you want but in the end a final election should be done and the one with the most votes will be killed. When someone is killed during the day, the Night comes. Now it's mafia’s turn. The Mafia discuss among themselves in their own group and then kill someone with the kill button provided by bot to them After the user is killed by Mafia it's the detectives’ turn. The bot will privately ask the detective whom he/she suspects, and then the detective enter the suspect's name using the keyboard provided by bot. The bot will then let him know if the suspect is Mafia or not. After mafia and detective, it is now the Doctor’s turn. Doctor can heal one player per night. The Bot will privately ask the doctor to name someone to rescue. Doctor has to rescue a player by selecting his/her name on the keyboard which bot provided. After doctor’s heal, it will be day again and the Bot will announce the killed player in the game’s public group chat. The game will continue its routine until whether all the mafia players being killed or the number of citizens equals the number of mafias.

Start Command

To start a new game send this command in a group chat.the bot ask for game configuration.


Election Command

on the day mod, any alive player can send this command to start a new election. after election has started new keyboard will send to every player, player should vote each other and after that click on done button to express they are done at voting. keep in mind that this is not yet the final election and results are just for your information, meaning no one will be killed yet.


Final Election Command

this command is same as Election Command but unlike it, the player with high vote will be killed.


Who is Playing Command

Anytime during game, any user can ask the bot (in private or in public room) about the remaining players.


Help Command

If you provide help command in different mode and different state of the game the bot explain the task you should do.


What is my role Command

During game, Players can ask the bot in private chat about their own role.


Kill me Command

Players can kill themselves anytime during the game. Usually this command is used for leaving a leftover game to be able to start another one. game could be finished if the majority of the player kill themselves


Change Language Command

To change the bot’s interface language, you can use the following commands:

/lang fa
                    /lang en


Is there any official public room to play?
No, if you want to play you should find players yourself.
Does Mafia kills anyone on the first night?
No. The game starts with Day! As the bot announces the roles in a private chat to players and mafias to other mafia players, the first Night does not exists. It means that neither Mafia kills anyone nor detective asks about anyone or doctor heals anyone.
Can someone vote to several people during a day?
Yes. you can select several player when bot ask to vote and after that you click on done button
Can someone vote for nobody?
Yes, without selecting player just click on Done button.
Can someone play in several games simultaneously?
No. In this case the bot can not recognize which game are the private messages are for. That’s why the bot does not register the user on the second game unless he leaves the current game with kill me command.
Does the bot announces identity of killed person?
No. To keep the game more exciting, the bot does not do that.
Does the bot have access to all the messages in the group?
No. the Bot is added to groups in “Privacy Mode” and just have access to messages starting with “/” character or reply to bot itself. For more information on this subject please visit this page.

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